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The technology that is the foundation of MicroGold's manufacturing process is a combination of PVD sputtering to create a thin layer of gold and photolithography to remove the gold and create detailed golden images on stone or other materials.

MicroGold introduces a breakthrough solution, offering the market the following advantages:

Innovation: An innovative procedure that applies thin, high resolution 99.9% gold contained image to polished surfaces of gemstones, glass etc.

Long-Term Durability: Our technology provides a good adhesion between a substrate and the image which withstands the damaging effects of time.

High Definition: Maximum stamping precision supports sophisticated graphics at a resolution that is unprecedented in the jewelry industry. This enables the design of miniature graphics or minute calligraphy that are only visible through a magnifying glass. Correct use of this technique provides each design with enormous added value. It is recommended that every design include two elements – the larger central motif that is visible from a distance, and minute elements or texts that conceptually complement the primary motif and are only visible when viewed through a magnifying glass.

Cost-Effective: The affordable process allows a wide and varied range of applications.

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