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MicroGold offers the jewelry market a unique technology. The technology will be used to create, in any numbers, a simple or personalized Design imprints made of gold 24 karat onto stones. The revolutionary Micron imprint technology, which is a worldwide breakthrough in this field, allows maximum resolution of these magnificently small designs. This allows the miniature graphics and calligraphy to be integrated into the design.

The substrate of the products can be made of almost any stone or other materials.

Here are some examples of products:

Subcontracting for Jewelry manufacturers

Designers of large manufacturers will be able to use the technology according to their specific needs. Any kind of shapes with miniature details can be imprinted with 24 carat gold on stones

Sports and Organization

It is a common practice for sports clubs and other organizations (colleges, universities, workplaces) to offer jewelry as one of the symbols of status.

The novel approach of MicroGold will enable these organizations a larger variety of products by extending the potential population with variety of tastes and desires.

Personalized pendant

Any designer or even a layman will be able to carry out their ideas and make a personal Gold imprinted stone.



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